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The Kurtherian Gambit is the brain child of Michael Anderle, however in a rare move once he had the setting firmed up he has allowed a number of other contributing Authors to take some of the supporting cast off on their own adventures. The result of this is a universe rich with different perspectives, and inventive cursing. lots of inventive cursing.

This Wiki is for fans of The Kurtherian Gambit books and stories.

So we can figure out all the @#%@#% Michael put in the books that even HE doesn't remember.


People new to the wiki will want to start looking at the Reading Order, this provides a timeline chronological approach to the series, as well as reviewing the Series Linked reading order which places each series of books based on their starting point

There's a page listing each Series separately.

We have a segment dedicated to the various Characters arching through the series.

And other segments will be added as time goes by.

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Planned activity can be found in the Update Plans page.

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